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This was literally "the end of the road", if indeed you could call it a road. Once you were off the main track, Route 6 between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, the road became a sandy, cratered path. I, of course, very much enjoyed driving that road.

Rick, Sakhem, Dr. Bill and I left Siem Reap for Chikreng District early in the morning. Sakhem and I wanted to give Rick and Bill a better understanding of who TLC is trying to reach. Today's trip will be to a village called Moat Klas (Tiger's Mouth) that's about 30 kilometers from here.

This place serves as both a market and a boat landing for a variety of people. Because of the ever changing water levels in the Tonle Sap this village is "portable" as the shopkeepers must move their shelters and their wares numerous times throughout the year.

From that landing it was a 10 kilometer trip downstream to the lake itself.

I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

Scenes from Moat Klas

Downtown Moat Klas. This village moves itself 6 times per year as 98% of its residents are full time fisher-folk.

Home delivery.

Boat repairs.

Sakhem, sitting on the bench, interviewing the village chief while your's truly and Rick Lennert (in foreground) try to keep up with the conversation.

Dr. William Duke, MD

Rick Lennert, Shipwright