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The Lake Clinic is fortunate to have two medical volunteers from Norway with us from mid-October through mid-December.
Drs. Mette Horgen and Stein Wiel underway aboard the TLC-1 to the village of Stung Chrov

Though we usually conduct our clinical mission Tuesdays through Thursday, this past week we postponed until the weekend (24 to 26 October) to take advantage of a Singaporean holiday that would allow our favorite dentist, Dr. Hal Kussick, to join us.

The village of Stung Chrov ("Deep River") is about 10 kilometers south and east of Moat Klas. It's a four hour journey from our port in Kompong Khleang.
Dr. Stein conducts a history taking with translation assistance from Savann, a nurse volunteer.

The village of Stung Chrov has a houseboat used periodically as an education center by the Ministry of Environment and the Department of Fisheries. TLC is able to set up and conduct our clinic here in relative roominess, and shelter from the rains.
Dr. Mette and Dr. Hal set up their respective areas while dental nurse, Phaly, provides oral health education to the early crowd.
Hal described his experience as "dental aerobics".

The village of Stung Chrov has only about 90 families living there with the average family having about 5 children. Their household income is approximately $2.00/day and is derived almost entirely from fishing.
As night falls and the light fails, Dr. Mette continues by the light of her otoscope.
(the TLC camera insisted on using its flash)

In the village of Moat Klas our Mette and Stein work with Sothat, translator, on a floating platform belonging to the village chief. While performing medical consultations the platform is also used concurrently to weigh and buy fish catches.

As I write this, Drs. Stein and Mette along with photographer Daniel Rothenberg are seeking shelter from a lake storm in Moat Klas and may be extending this weeks journey by a day awaiting calmer waters.

30 October, 2008