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TLC-1's first six months of operation are behind us. We've entered a new year, and we too look forward to a change, and will be doing what we can to make this corner of the world a better place.

These six months have seen the staff of TLC come together as a team; operating independently aboard the TLC-1 on their weekly missions. This month's blog is really a photo essay devoted to them and their work. The photos were taken by Uk Savann, our nurse and Team Leader aboard the TLC-1.

Our "Ship's Mate", Aly, registers each patient prior to their examination.

Dr. Sombun examines a child.
This clinic was held in the village of Moat Klas, where the TLC-1 ties up to the floating home of the village chief and sets up for a day's work.

When not caring for pregnant women or new mothers, TLC's midwife "Kim", also serves as the clinic's pharmacy technician.

Everyone working...it's a boss's delight!

TLC-1's pilot, Rem, works on the engine by day.

And by night.

Sometimes two hands just aren't enough.

Physio-therapist, Katrin Thieme (Angkors-Kinder), provides self-help advice to a woman who had a CVA ("stroke") last year with assistance from TLC's Uber-accountant and Office Manager, Ouk Sopheap, who went along to serve as interpreter.

On loan from The Angkor Hospital for Children, Channy--Medical Assistant/Eye Nurse, treats an infection in Steuong Chrove Village. Channy identified 15 individuals who will have eye surgery in February of this year at the Siem Reap Provincial Hospital.

Sometimes house-calls are necessary.

In medical-speak, "comfort measures only".
Aging is difficult everywhere, but even more so in some places.

Beauty is found everywhere too.

Jon Morgan
January, 2009